Consent to Treatment

In order for us to provide our services to you, it is import that we establish your consent to
treatment. This is the principle that a person must give permission before they receive any type of
medical treatment.

Consent is needed regardless of the procedure whether physical examination or something else, in
our case this would be the assessment of your medical questionnaire, any further questions we may
ask for clarification, and the provision of medication to treat your problem or condition.

The principle of consent is an important part of medical ethics and international human rights law.

Consent must be valid, voluntary and informed, we must also be satisfied that the person consenting
has capacity to make the decision. This means the decision to consent must be made by the person
themselves without the influence or pressure from family, friends or medical professionals. We must
provide to you all the information involved in the treatment including risks and benefits and whether
there are reasonable alternative treatments. We must also be satisfied that you understand the
information given to you and can use it to make an informed decision. Every person aged 16 or over
has the right to make their own decisions and is assumed to be able to do so.

If you have capacity to make a voluntary and informed decision then we must respect this, even if
your refusal to consent to the treatment would result in your death or the death of an unborn child.

By submitting each new online questionnaire for each medication or treatment that you request,
you are indicating to us that you are giving consent for us to provide treatment for your problem or
condition. This includes consent for us to ask for any further questions relating to your condition as
well as suggestion of any reasonable alternative treatment for your problem or condition based
upon our doctors assessment of your medical questionnaire. You are also indicating to us that you
have the mental capacity to make such decisions about your own care. Where we feel there is a risk
that you many not have the capacity to make decisions about your own care, we will contact your
GP or primary carer to ascertain if there may be any concerns about your safety.

Each of the medications on our website provides a link to the patient information leaflet for that
specific medication. This leaflet will outline the risks and benefits of the medication and you can
review this information prior to making a request.


If you believe you have received treatment you did not consent to, you can make an official
complaint. Please follow the complaints procedure highlighted on this website and the Registered
Manager will contact you to assist with this process.